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BagGames™ are the new classic board games that come in a bag. They're compact enough to travel anywhere, YET THE ALL-IN-ONE ATTACHED BOARD FOLDS OUT TO A FULL-SIZED GAME.

Corporate Information

BagGames, LLC is owned and operated by DOTucts, LLC. (pronounced - dot–ukts) based in Sarasota, Florida. It came to life because of the "there’s got to be a better way" feeling. You know the one… that recurring voice in your head that almost everyone has experienced. Have you ever seen something on the market that you thought of years ago but never did anything about it? And now someone else has made millions from it. Well, if you have, you know what we mean.

Who Created BagGames™?

Entrepreneur and product developer R. Scott Dotson created BagGammon™ and BagGames™. He is a University of Florida Graduate by way of two years at the United States Air Force Academy. Other than two years in Colorado Springs and one year in Vail Colorado, Scott is a native Floridian, who grew up in Stuart Florida and now lives in Sarasota Florida since 1993.

BagGames™ History

Costa Rica, 2003 – On a surf trip to Tamarindo, the evenings were the perfect downtime to play backgammon. The problem was we didn’t bring a game because no one wanted to lug around a full-sized board in our already stuffed backpacks. We could have brought along a travel version, but who really likes playing with those tiny little pieces on a miniature board anyways. We tried to buy one in town, but no one had even heard of backgammon, much less had one for sale. Our only option was to conjure up our own makeshift board. We found a small sign company to draw up the board per our description and used colones (Costa Rican currency) for the checkers.

Why bring this up? Because one idea was if Tamarindo had a t-shirt shop, we could silkscreen a game board onto some cloth and play on it... Well, we never did find that t-shirt shop, but it was during that search that the seeds of BagGammon™ and BagGames™ started to grow. After a couple of years of procrastination, false starts and finally one GIANT leap, BagGammon™ evolved into what you have today. I’ve always wanted to start my own product company but I never had the time, the money or the nerve. Well, I guess at least I found that nerve. I do hope you enjoy it.

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