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BagGames™ are the new classic board games that come in a bag. They're compact enough to travel anywhere, YET THE ALL-IN-ONE ATTACHED BOARD FOLDS OUT TO A FULL-SIZED GAME.

Easier to clean up and put away! No lost game pieces!

Its unique design allows for easy clean up and storage. Just fold the attached cloth board, lift one side and let the pieces slide into the bag. That's it! Just tuck the board into the bag and your done!.

Donít Compromise!

Now the whole family can enjoy classic board games like Checkers, Chess and Backgammon on a full-sized board, without having to pack the full-sized game. BagGames™ pack easily, but unlike conventional "travel-size" games, BagGames™ have a full-sized board and game pieces.

BagGames™ go anywhere Ė in the smallest suitcase, backpack, pocket, or even clipped to your belt. And because they're so durable and easy to pack, they can be stuffed into an already overstuffed suitcase


Our Games fill the gap between the standard, full-sized games (too big and bulky to travel with) and the numerous small travel games (clumsy, miniature imitation). BagGames™ are travel-sized, but you play on FULL-SIZED BOARD.

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